Apartment Building Management

We undertake the managing of building apartments with responsibility and indisputable effectiveness thanks to our long term experience

~ Our goal the smooth and unobstructed function of the apartment building

By assigning the service of your apartment building in our offices “STAR 1”, the conservation of the personnel the apartment building had already is completely respected.

Our partnerships are not characterized by time commitments of contracts. The termination of cooperation is determined by a unanimous decision of the owners at any time.

We shoulder with absolute consistency the monthly issue of the utilities and their collection. Company employees visit the respective apartments on specific dates and times listed in the monthly notices.

Αlternatively: the paymentof the common utilities can be made:

        – by deposit

         – cash

         – by card (POS)

Οur company takes care of the payment of the shared bills of the apartment building (electricity, water, elevator maintenance). Α thorough regular inspection is applied in the apartment building but also after information from tenants: Employees and specialized associates of the company regularly inspect the apartment building for any problems and deficiencies and undertake their quick solution.

The company takes care of the order of receipt and metering of oil in the presence of tenants.

In cases where the building needs repairs and constructions the most responsible for their implementation are the owners. Τhe work is carried out only by a written decision taken jointly by the owners at a general meeting and after selecting the most advantageous offer (All work offers are submitted and notified to all owners).

  • Our company acts and executes on the orders of the apartment building

  • At any time any owner can check the point of the apartment building

We are always available.

Telephone line open 24 hours a day for any emergencies.

Our purpose is to respond to the easy and difficult requirements of the customer